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Quick Fire Cash

Sense the Wild West at your fingertips now through this enchanting new game! Quick Fire Cash is the real deal in the world of casino games. This game uproots all definitions of fun and excitement. It also facilitates your winning probability 13 times!

The game is divided into 4 other subparts, therefore, may seem difficult at first. In spite of this, the game seems to seep into gamers since it is very hooking. The initial game comprises of barrels that help cover symbols which lead to jackpots. Once you unravel two symbols one after the other, you win a prize! 

Following the first, in the second game, you have to uncover numbers by picking coins. When a coin is chosen, 2 numbers will be provided. If the chosen number is larger than the one given, you own the prize! 

In comparison to the first and the second, the third game is a little twisted. Nevertheless, it still stays true to its promise of entertainment. Here, dollar signs will conceal 2 numbers that you will have to choose. If the numbers add up to 10 on the first go, you're the winner!

Ending the game with the fourth subpart, it would be as though you're part of an exciting virtual hide and seek! This part of the game is rather simple, you have to choose a moneybag among others displayed, where only one will contain the money you're in this game for!